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3 Easy Ways To Schedule Your Eye Exam

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Why We’re Different

Whether you need a new prescription or are just looking to freshen up your look, we’re here for you! With 3 easy ways to schedule an appointment and walk-ins welcome, you won’t have to plan your day around your appointment. You will be taken back into our state-of-the-art eye exam room where a technician will perform your vision test using the most advanced eye examination technology. After that our onsite ophthalmologist will review your results immediately and initiate the process of crafting your new glasses. It’s that simple!

Why We’re Different
We Have a Look for You

We Have a Look for You

State-of-the-art exams and quality eyewear don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Acuity Optical offers a range of products and price points, plus payment plans to help get you seeing (and looking!) better without delay.

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