For a student, nothing can be more pleasurable than college life. Entering college means standing on your feet and becoming more independent. It’s also the time when, probably for the first time, you are away from your parents (especially if you are going to live in a dormitory). Thus, the responsibility of maintaining your health, including your vision health, falls on your shoulders. Remember, if proper care is not taken, you may have to suffer dire consequences from this negligence later in life. Thus, to make the most of these utterly crucial years of your life, ensure that you take the necessary measures to preserve your visual acuity.

An experienced optometrist Indio shares the best eye wellness tips for college-going students.

  • Having a great time doesn’t mean you have to make your eyes “cry”No, we aren’t asking you to stop partying or enjoying yourself with your friends and become a bookworm or the most boring guy or gal in your college. However, eye health should always be a priority. For instance, when getting ready for a party or any celebration, make sure you don’t share your makeup or contact lenses with anyone, including your bestie, because this simple act may end up with you having swollen, irritably red eyes.Besides, when planning to go for a night out, ensure that you don’t overdo anything, including booze intake and junk food consumption. Our certified optometrist Indio advises young students to stay away from drinking and smoking as much as possible. Never let peer pressure affect your daily lifestyle choices.

    Another imperative thing you should not sacrifice is your sleep. No matter how cool, fun, or tempting all-night parties or evening revelry may be, the irregular sleeping patterns resulting from these can harm your eyes in the long run.

    If you stay awake for too long just to impress a bunch of friends or to escape from the constant academic pressure, you will do more harm than good to your eye health and overall well-being.

  • Don’t allow hectic schedules to interfere with your vision healthOf course, college years are extremely busy for everyone, especially the last-minute scholars!
    Nevertheless, remember to take care of your eyes as much as you do for your project deadlines, semester exams, part-time jobs, or anything else, suggests reputed ophthalmologist Indio. Avoid late-night study sessions, and if at all you are required to, adjust the lighting so it is comfortable for your eyes—not too dark or too bright.Moreover, never skip your yoga classes, sports fun, Zumba, dance classes, or gym. Being physically active is key to enjoying long-term optimal eyesight.

    Also, don’t forget to get some sunlight exposure, as this is essential not just for your eyes but also for the other parts of your body. It’s best to go through your notes before a lecture while sitting under a tree on campus.

    Getting regular breaks in between study sessions or while working on digital devices (computers or tablets) is yet another important thing you should not ignore. Even a 10-minute break after every hour will help relax your eyes and save you from the detrimental effects of blue light exposure from digital screens.

 Here is one more useful piece of advice for you.

According to seasoned ophthalmologist Indio, unhealthy food choices amidst the fast-paced college life can contribute to obesity in students. Thus, you should dodge the urge to order fast food, takeout, or buy ready-to-eat packaged foods. Instead, follow the age-old mom’s wisdom and eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • Adhere to cleanliness and hygiene practicesHow many times do you end up rubbing your eyes with your hands? If you are doing it a lot of times, you are seriously risking your eye health, warns renowned optometrist Indio. Note that before touching the face or the eyes, your hands should be properly sanitized. Furthermore, if you are a contact lens wearer, steer clear of handling the contacts with unhygienic hands.Always make a point to take the pillow covers and bedding to the laundry regularly, as these may be carriers of eye infection-causing contaminants. Likewise, make a habit of cleaning your eyeglasses before going to bed.
    Throw away all used makeup in case you have had an eye infection recently.

A few more beneficial suggestions

  • Wear 100% UV protective sunglasses whenever you venture outdoors, regardless of whether it’s sunny, cloudy, or windy outside.
  • While playing sports, wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from any potential injuries or mishaps.
  • Give attention to your posture while reading or studying on your laptop.
  • Consult your optometrist Indio, and receive ideal blue light-filtering lens recommendations

At Acuity Optical, we believe every child or teen deserves to see the world with maximum visual excellence. Undoubtedly, college should be about fun and learning. That’s why, to make sure you never have to compromise on anything due to poor eyesight, we offer personalized eye care solutions for all energetic collegians. What’s more, we have an exclusive eye-wear store where you can find the chicest eyeglasses and sunglasses styles, so you can adorn your favorite trendy look.

If you feel your eye prescription needs an update, feel free to consult our highly trusted ophthalmologist Indio. Even if you think your eyes are in top-notch condition, consider scheduling an appointment with a specialist at least during the break, vacation, or holidays. We will guide you on how to safeguard your crystal-clear eyesight for a lifetime. Contact our staff to get your queries answered right away.