Spring is finally coming. Chances are, you are all set with those hiking boots, sunscreen, picnic baskets, fishing gear, or bicycles. Of course, who would want to stay inside during the warm and comforting sunny days? However, not everything is as good about spring as you may think. No, we are not here to rain on your parade; we just want you to beware of the eye health risks that come with the spring that may dampen your bright days. Thankfully, optical Arcadia professionals have provided us with a list of the most effective eye care tips, so you can embrace the joy of the blossoming season with healthy and happy eyes.

  • Carry your sunglasses wherever you go: Wearing sunglasses is essential throughout the year, but during the spring, it’s even more important; otherwise, you may end up having tired, sore, watery, or itchy eyes right after outdoor adventures. Go for polarised, UV-protected sunglasses so both the blazing sunlight and pollen contact don’t hamper your outdoor enjoyment, suggests experienced ophthalmologist Arcadia.
  • Practice good cleanliness and hygiene practices for the eyes, eyewear, and hands: All types of eyewear, such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses, should be cleaned properly after use, as they can easily harbor germs, bacteria, springtime allergens, or viruses. Moreover, maintaining top-notch eye hygiene along with hand sanitation will safeguard you from a host of seasonal eye disorders.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize your residence and workstation: Before we usher in the greening season, it’s vital to perform in-depth cleaning at the places you spend most of your time—home and the workspace. This will help eliminate all the potential irritants, like dust and other dirt particles, that may become the source of allergies and eye irritation during spring.
  • Take care of your water intake as well as your nutrition: With the sudden seasonal shift, you may become susceptible to a diverse range of health issues, including eye conditions, says a qualified ophthalmologist Arcadia. For that reason, you should pay careful attention to your diet and hydration. Remember to have lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water adequately.
  • Use humidifiers and eye drops to keep dry eye risks at bay: Spring is accompanied by low humidity levels, which implies you are likely to suffer from dry eyes during this season. To tackle this issue successfully, the trusted optical Arcadia team recommends using artificial tears and air humidifiers at home so that the optimum moisture content is preserved for better eye lubrication.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, and if needed, use antihistamines after talking to a doctor : If you are one of those who have a habit of rubbing their eyes frequently, then you must get rid of this habit as soon as possible or else your eyesight will be negatively affected. Whenever your eyes feel dry, fatigued, irritated, or itchy, consider consulting an eye care expert to get recommendations for the best antihistamines.

Wrapping it up:

Don’t let the pollen problem or the sunshine become a hindrance to your springtime enjoyment. When Acuity Optical’s seasoned ophthalmologist Arcadia, is with you, no matter what the season is, you won’t have to worry about eye problems, big or small.

We will ensure you don’t just get prompt treatment when required but also personalized support, allowing you to experience the comforting, warmer weather with vibrant eyesight. If you notice any symptoms related to conjunctivitis or seasonal allergies, report them to our specialist by booking a quick consultation online. You can also give us a call at 626.829.8185.