Acuity Optical and our ophthalmologist Indio are proud to announce our sponsorship of the newest New Year’s event: Celebrate CV! The event, hosted by our marketing partner Pocial, in conjunction with USA Today and El Paseo Jewelers, will take place on 12.30.22 with a live performance from Jordin Sparks! In case you’re looking for New Year’s event ideas, here’s some reasons as to why you should join us at the event and why we chose to sponsor it with our optometrist in Indio CA.

1. The entire event is FREE to the public

You heard that right! This event, which will take place on El Paseo between Larkspur and San Pablo in Palm Desert, will featured a variety of kid friendly, family friendly, and adult friendly activities plus food and drink stations, so there is truly something for everyone to do.

2. There will be activities for everyone of all ages

As stated above, Celebrate CV will have a variety of activities for children, adults, and families of all sizes. There will be over 20 different vendors including our ophthalmologist Indio and other on-site vendors with booths full of games, fun, drinks, food and more! On top of the sponsored vendors, there will be a beer garden for adults, soda and water for the kids and everything in between.

3. All proceeds go back to the youth of the Coachella Valley

Celebrate CV is spreading the love with this event and giving back all proceeds from the event to the YMCA and the youth of our Coachella Valley. The youth of our Coachella Valley is an important part of the future of the Coachella Valley, and giving back to them is the best way possible to set the future up for success. We hope to build future Acuity Optical optometrist in Indio CA!

4. Jordin Sparks will headline the evening

Some people know Jordin Sparks from her time on American Idol, or most recently from her time on Dancing With The Stars. She will also be headlining the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City the month prior to coming to the Coachella Valley and warming the hearts of our Coachella Valley and optometrist in Indio CA.

5. A Giant Diamond Celebration

On the evening of the event, a giant diamond will raise up over El Paseo Jewelers as our ophthalmologist Indio celebrate everything Acuity Optical and the entire Coachella Valley accomplished in 2022. It will truly be an unforgettable evening with our optometrist in Indio CA.

We hope you are able to attend the first annual celebration of the Coachella Valley: Celebrate CV! As a sponsor with our optometrist in Indio CA, Acuity Optical will be heavy in attendance with over 3,000 people expected to flood the streets of El Paseo. If you’re interested in learning more about the event, or our ophthalmologist Indio please visit or