According to the latest statistics revealed by The American Academy of Ophthalmology, an estimated 80% of learning happens through the eyes in the initial 12 years of a child’s age. This data reveals the importance an early eye exam for your child.

According to a recent survey, majority of guardians residing in Palm Desert knew about common eye-related issues like blurry vision (85.7%), reddening of eyes and itching (74.3%). In contrast, they rarely knew about eye measles (48.5%), crossed eyes (34.3%). The observations also showed that they had misconceptions about the reasons for the above-mentioned eye problems. Most of the optometrists in Palm Desert eye care centers are visited by parents who have critical issues related to their kids’ eyes.

What Happens During These Eye-Tests at Ophthalmologist Palm Desert?

Palm Desert eye care specialists conduct an exclusive eye exam for children. A series of eye tests are conducted to know if they are common or rare eye-related issues.

What are these significant issues?

1. Blinking or rubbing: Pollen or animal allergy can be the underlying cause of blinking and rubbing of the eyes. If your child plays with pets, your child may need a counter-allergy prescription to tackle rubbing or itching of the eyes. Another issue that a child might face is nearsightedness, which might lead to blinking or rubbing of the eyes.

2. Grey spots on the sclera (white area of the eye): Eyes can develop red or brown spots that go with time, but if these spots are grey, visit an Ophthalmologist at a Palm Desert eye care specialist immediately to get your kid’s eyes checked for anemia or iron deficiency.

3. Open eyes while sleeping: This sign may not be alarming if it rarely occurs but, if a child sleeps frequently with their eyes open, then their eyes might get dry. Ophthalmologist Palm Desert can recommend an ointment or eye drops that would prevent the cornea from being damaged.

4. Large pupils: When a child enters a dark room then generally our pupils widen but if it occurs in a well-lit room too then parents need to see this issue and visit an eye doctor urgently.

5. Eye pain or swelling: If the eyes have continuous pain without any reason, it is important to pay attention to it. Swelling is another critical eye-related problem that needs urgent attention.

6. Crusty Eye: A useless discharge of dirty liquid from the eyes and swelling is another critical eye-related issue.
When is the first eye exam to be conducted?

Palm Desert eye care experts suggest that the first eye exam should be conducted at the age of 6 months. This allows the eye doctor to identify if the eyes are healthy or not. If any serious surgery must be conducted, it is advisable to count on an experienced Ophthalmologist Palm Desert.

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