There is no more affectionate and tender relationship than the one between a mother and a child. That is why pregnancy is one of the most beautiful chapters of a woman’s life. However, as an expectant mother, worrying about one’s health is inevitable, especially when it is related to your vision. Various eye infections can affect your eyes during this highly sensitive period, warns optical Arcadia experts. Though eye ailments like conjunctivitis or stye won’t cause direct harm to your unborn sweetheart, if due to neglect, complications occur and healing takes longer, you will have a tough time. This added stress can impact your overall health, negatively affecting the well-being of your fetal child.

Herein, let’s unravel some of the best tips for keeping your eyes protected from the risk of developing eye inflammation throughout pregnancy and beyond.

  • Never compromise with hygiene

The most critical thing you can do to prevent an eye infection is to maintain proper hygiene. Make sure that whenever you come from outside, you wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant soap and water. It’s ideally recommended to never touch the eyes or the face directly with your hands. If you are required to do so, ensure your hands are properly sanitized before touching your face or eyes.

The tons of hormonal changes happening during the pregnancy period can make you more susceptible to catching eye infections via germs, bacteria, or virus particles. Thus, hand hygiene is key to avoiding the transfer of such noxious elements into the eyes, and preventing infections or illnesses. Remember, cleanliness of hands is vital for a healthy and happy you, remarks a trusted optometrist in Arcadia.

  • Refrain from makeup and wear protective eyewear

If you are prone to eye infections, then you must abstain from applying makeup, as it may exacerbate preventable eye infections.
Furthermore, if at all you need to wear makeup for parties or special occasions, never use your friends or relatives’ makeup. The reason is that it may lead to the transmission of infectious contaminants from another person (who may have been infected earlier) to you.

Besides, sunglasses should be an essential accessory for you whenever you go outdoors, even while visiting a nearby park during the afternoon. During gestation, know that your immune system is compromised, making you more vulnerable to eye problems resulting from exposure to UV light, dust, debris, pollutants, and other air pollutants. Donning protective sunglasses will impede the entry of all these harmful particles into the eye, highlights seasoned Ophthalmologist Arcadia practitioners.

  • Cold water splashes and keeping the eyewear clean can help a lot

Water can be your best antidote for the prevention of all types of eye infections, including puffiness, pink eye, etc. Throughout the day, at regular intervals, especially when you come from outdoors, splash cold water onto your eyelids. It will help cleanse the eyes of any potential irritants, according to the optical Arcadia team.

On top of that, if you are an eyeglass wearer, remember to always clean the lenses and frames of your glasses thoroughly, especially at the end of the day. You never know what hazardous bacteria or viruses your glasses might be carrying. The sunglasses should also be kept clean. For this, you can use expert-recommended cleaning wipes.

  • Avoid high-risk activities like swimming and sharing everyday items

As per a qualified optometrist in Arcadia, swimming may provide some benefits for pregnant women, but there is still a greater risk of contracting infections involved in such activities. The water in the pool can easily become the carrier of hidden illness-causing pathogens from an infected person. So, women who are at risk for infections must avoid swimming or wear appropriate eyewear.

Additionally, steer clear of sharing stuff like towels, pillows, eye care essentials, tissues, handkerchiefs, etc. The chances of suffering from infections become considerably higher when you are sharing daily essentials with a person who may be sick.

Above all, one thing that should be kept in mind is that being stress-free is as important as the other tips listed above. Research has shown that stress can negatively impact the immune system of expecting mothers. Hence, when your immune system does not work properly, no one can save you from succumbing to infections readily.

Make certain you enjoy this journey toward becoming a new mom without getting disturbed by little hurdles.

Let’s Wrap Up: 

No matter when an ocular infection catches you, in the first trimester or the last, prompt treatment is necessary. With the help of the above tips, you will be able to enjoy an infection-free, memorable pregnancy. If you experience any persistent symptoms that don’t go away even after 2 or 3 days, get them to the attention of our ophthalmologist Arcadia professionals at Acuity Optical.

Our eye care specialists provide expert eye care for every mother-to-be. For us, all future moms are god-gifted souls who deserve to receive the highest quality care and treatment, second to none.

Prioritize your eye health and well-being by establishing the greatest foundation for your unborn baby’s vision health. Schedule your appointment with the staff today.