Aging is a natural process, and it brings some unavoidable changes in overall eye health and eventually makes it necessary to seek the help of the best eye Doctor Indio to ensure the normal performance of our eyes. Some vision issues are related to heredity while others might be related to some health-related problems.

Generally, an experienced ophthalmologist Indio can suggest different solutions for resuming normal eyesight, and it includes eye surgery. However, there are a few factors like the age of the patient and the overall health that has to be taken into consideration while choosing the right treatment. It’s not possible to perform eye surgery suddenly, without confirming that the patient is not suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. A few other tests are also done before finalizing the schedule of surgery, and the patient is recommended to have a few eye drops before and after surgery, along with antibiotics.

Some people try to avoid eye surgery for months. They avoid seeing a doctor as they are afraid of undergoing surgical procedures. They must understand that it won’t be as painful as they think, and if they take proper care after surgery, they will be healed soon. The best part is that they can see the beautiful world with better clarity once again. For this, they must stay in touch with the best eye Doctor Indio even after a successful surgery.

Common Surgical Treatment For Resuming Eye Health

As an individual starts growing, he encounters different vision problems. Some of them are controlled using prescription eyeglasses, while others can be cured through surgical treatment. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Lasik (short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis):
In this procedure, the experienced ophthalmologist Indio tries to reshape the cornea using a laser and remove imperfections to ensure that light rays are properly focused for the production of an image in the retina and help provide sharper vision. This treatment is used for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

2. Cataracts Surgery:
In this procedure, the original lens of an eye that has turned cloudy is replaced by an artificial intraocular lens. It ensures better vision within 24 hours after surgery, and it hardly takes 15 minutes to perform the surgery. It’s a life-changing experience for a patient, as it provides the liberty to see the objects with complete clarity.

3. Glaucoma Surgery:
It’s a procedure that intends to reduce eye pressure for the prevention of expected vision loss due to glaucoma. It’s done in different ways, depending on the situation.

  • Drainage of natural eye fluid is increased through the already existing pathways.
  • New drainage pathways for the eye fluid are created.
  • Slow down the pace of production of eye fluid.

4. Surgery For Diabetic Retinopathy:

There are different options for providing surgical treatment for diabetic retinopathy, which include injection of medicine into the eyes, focal laser treatment (Photocoagulation), scatter laser treatment (Pan retinal photocoagulation), and making a tiny incision in the eye for removal of blood from the middle part, also known as vitreous (Vitrectomy).

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