Winters are all about getting cozy, having lots of fun amidst the holiday season, and indulging in that little extra TLC so no roadblock comes in between your chill thrills. Many people are well acquainted with the negative effects of the colder months on the body. However, most don’t know how this seasonal shift can even take a toll on eye health. According to esteemed ophthalmologist Bakersfield professionals, your eyes are more susceptible to various eye problems during the winter. Thus, when the days start getting shorter and darker and the cool breeze begins to give you shivers, you know it is time to pull up the socks to ensure you always enjoy healthy and happy eyesight. Let us guide you through the most reliable winter eye care tips.

  • Make sure your eyes are clean and moisturized : That cold winter morning breeze isn’t just bad for those who have sinus issues, but also for those who suffer from dry eye disease, warns a board-certified eye doctor Bakersfield CA specialist. The wintry air is generally devoid of adequate moisture, and on top of that, the use of heaters at home or in the office can worsen the air quality. This depleted humidity in the atmosphere is enough to aggravate your dry eye difficulties. One of the best ways to combat this is by using a humidifier. It will help keep your eyes sufficiently moisturized, thus promoting better eye comfort.

Another often-overlooked tip is maintaining proper eye cleanliness via simple practices such as:

  1. Not touching or rubbing the eyes even when they feel itchy, instead using lubricating eye drops to get relief
  2. Removing the eye makeup completely before going to sleep to avoid the accumulation of all dirt or residue in the morning resulting in eye infections.
  3.  Eye doctor Bakersfield CA experts recommend washing hands and the eyes frequently especially after coming from outdoors to prevent seasonal bacteria or cold-weather viruses from entering the delicate eye membranes leading to afflictions such as conjunctivitis (pink eyes), viral keratitis, etc.
  • Don’t compromise on hydration and eye protection

As the weather turns chilly, you are less likely to experience frequent thirst, but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo your daily water intake goals. Instead, make sure you are reaching the advised daily water mark. You will thank yourself later for this, as adequate hydration is the ultimate measure to steer clear of many vision-related issues like dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, light sensitivity, etc.

Consuming vegetable broth, water-rich veggies, and fruits can especially encourage proper hydration along with sufficient nutrition intake, suggests the trusted ophthalmologist Bakersfield team.

Likewise, there is a huge misconception that sunglasses are just meant for summer. The cold truth is that those of you who let go of your sunglasses during the cold are actually risking your eye health in a number of ways. Wondering how? The reason is that despite the sun getting concealed by the clouds or the fog, it still emits harmful UV rays that can aggravate or on-set eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal sunburn, etc. Furthermore, you need to understand that glare is at an all-time high during the winter season. The sun’s relatively lower position in the sky can contribute to the hazardous reflection of sunlight from shiny surfaces (like metal surfaces of cars, etc.), which, if enters inside the eyes, can even have serious consequences. So, the next time you embark on a daily venture or outdoor recreation during the low temperatures, don’t forget to don 100% UV-protective, polarised sunglasses.

The Bottom line:  Amidst the sneezes and the coughs, let no winter eye ailments add to your woes. Though abiding by the above practices recommended by seasoned eye doctor Bakersfield CA staff will turn out to be beneficial for your ocular well-being. If you experience persistent symptoms related to eye allergies, dry eyes, or infections, feel free to reach out to our ophthalmologist Bakersfield practitioners at Acuity Optical.

We have a proven track record of rendering prompt diagnostic and treatment services to people of all ages and backgrounds. Your eye wellness takes priority above all else for us. It doesn’t really matter to us whether you visit us for a regular eye checkup or the optimal management of an eye condition; we will make every effort to deliver professional yet compassionate eye care.