Essential nutrients for your eye are not common in the average diet, according to ophthalmologist Indio. If you have macular degeneration or dry eyes, ask your eye doctors Indio about the benefits of eye vitamins. When it comes to your macular degeneration or dry eyes, Acuity Optical eye doctors Indio recommend a couple different products to ensure healthy vision.

At Acuity Optical, we have the best ophthalmologist Indio to help you understand what macular degeneration means and how we ensure your eye health. Below is some information from our eye doctors Indio to help understand what these diseases are, and how you can help ensure your future vision.

The macula occupies the center part of the retina, a layer of light-sensing cells at the back of your eye. The cornea (the clear tissue covering your iris and pupil) and the lens inside your eye focus light onto your retina, according to eye doctors Indio. Once light reaches the retina, ophthalmologist Indio say it is transformed into electrical impulses. The impulses travel along the optic nerve to the brain where they’re converted into images.

Macular degeneration occurs when the cells in the macula become damaged. When macular cells are damaged, the brain receives incomplete information from the eyes. As a result, you may notice changes in your vision. One medicine recommended by ophthalmologist Indio that can help you is Macular Health Formula™.

Macular Health Formula™ has clinically proven ingredients from eye doctors Indio to help support the retina from age-related degeneration and promote eye health.

Its ingredients include:

Lutein & Zeaxanthin – which mimics the exact ratio found in the macula of a healthy eye and provides blue light protection.

Vitamin C – an essential antioxidant to protect eyes from harmful effects of aging, according to Acuity Optical ophthalmologist Indio.

Vitamin E – Combined with other nutrients, slows the progression of AMD by about 25% in high-risk individuals

Eye doctors Indio recommend your dosage for this particular medicine would be 2 per day. The capsules may be separated, and ingredients emptied into food for those with difficulty swallowing.

Macular degeneration has two different forms: wet and dry eye. Ophthalmologist Indio say in dry AMD, the light-sensitive cells in the macula slowly break down. With less of the macula functioning, central vision diminishes. Dry AMD often occurs in just one eye at first.

Without visiting eye doctors Indio, later, the other eye can be affected. The cause of dry AMD is unknown. The dry form is much more common than the wet form. Dry AMD can advance and cause vision loss without turning into wet AMD. According to ophthalmologist Indio, dry AMD can also rapidly transform into the wet form by the growth of new blood vessels unless you see visit Acuity Optical eye doctors Indio.

Dry Eye Formula™ which is specifically formulated to promote eye moisture and comfort, to provide around-the-clock relief from that scratchy feeling and to protect the cornea.

It’s ingredients include:

Omega-3 – EPA and DHA have demonstrated positive results for eye health and corneal protection in clinical trials, as well as ophthalmologist Indio.

Vitamin C – which supports eye secretions, assisting in hydration and comfort.

Lactoferrin – which is a protein found in natural tears that helps stave off bacteria and is often lower in dry eye circumstances.

Your dosage for this particular product would be 3 per day, as recommended by ophthalmologist Indio.

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