How Expert Ophthalmologist Palm Desert Helps Manage Hyphema

Have you ever noticed blurred or decreased vision after an eye injury and been concerned about possible bleeding inside the eye? This condition called hyphema is more common than you might think. While typically caused by blunt trauma or other injuries to the eye, in rare cases, hyphema can occur spontaneously as well.

If you’ve experienced this alarming symptom, it’s important to seek prompt evaluation from our qualified ophthalmologist Palm Desert. Our doctors at Acuity are well-equipped to properly diagnose and manage hyphema cases. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about hyphema causes, symptoms, management, and recovery.

About Hyphema

A hyphema refers to bleeding that occurs within the front compartment of the eye, known as the anterior chamber, between the cornea and iris. It results in a pooling of blood that appears as a red or blood-colored swelling in the eye. While unsettling, small hyphemas may resolve on their own. However, larger ones require active treatment to prevent permanent vision damage or complete loss of sight.

Our experienced doctors’ team includes the best optometrists in Palm Desert. We are committed to guiding patients through this condition with compassionate treatment

Common Causes of Hyphema

Some typical causes of Hyphema include:

  • Sports injuries – Racket sports, basketball, boxing, and paintball can cause a forceful blow.
  • Accidental eye poke – Being poked in the eye by a finger, branch, toy, etc.
  • Fall or collision – Hitting the eye on a hard surface like a table edge.
  • Surgical complication – After procedures like cataract surgery or corneal transplant.
  • Certain medical conditions – Bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or weak blood vessels may increase risk.

Recognizing Symptoms

Understanding the symptoms of hyphema aids in seeking timely medical attention from our ophthalmologist Palm Desert. Some common signs and symptoms include:

  • Blood in the Eye
    The most noticeable symptom of hyphema is the presence of blood in the front part of the eye. The severity of the blood accumulation may vary, ranging from a few specks to a complete filling of the front chamber.
  • Visual Disturbances
    This condition can cause temporary visual disturbances, such as blurred or reduced vision. Sometimes, it can also be attributed to the obstruction caused by the blood in the eye.
  • Eye Pain and Sensitivity
    Individuals with hyphema may experience eye pain, discomfort, or a sensation of pressure. Sufferers may also develop increased sensitivity to light, known as photophobia.

If you experience these symptoms after eye trauma, don’t hesitate to contact our optometrists Palm Desert or visit an ER immediately.

Acuity Optical’s Specialized Treatment Approach

Our eye doctors employ a systematic approach to effectively treat hyphema:

  • Assessment – We’ll conduct imaging tests to determine the size and location of bleeding, and check eye pressure levels.
  • Protecting the eye – We may prescribe eye drops to reduce inflammation, and eye shields to avoid re-injury.
  • Strict head elevation and rest – We instruct patients to sleep nearly upright. This allows blood to settle downward, reducing reinjury risk.
  • Regular monitoring – Our team closely tracks eye pressure and bleed size, watching for complications.
  • Surgery if needed – If pressure remains uncontrolled or vision loss occurs, our professionals may do surgery to secure your eyes.
  • Rehabilitation – After the bleed stabilizes, our optometrists Palm Desert suggest exercises and eye care solutions. We also provide the best eyewear Palm Desert collection with specialized lenses to rebuild visual function.

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If you’re experiencing hyphema symptoms, schedule an urgent appointment with our highly knowledgeable ophthalmologist Palm Desert right away. Our doctors’ speedy intervention helps ensure the best recovery and vision outcome. With our compassionate and evidence-based care, we’ll provide the expert treatment you deserve.

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