We live in an age where we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones and other digital devices. Forget about one day; even spending a few hours without staring at our phones seems nearly impossible. However, such utter dependency on constant external stimulation leads to addiction, which in turn is the reason why most people today are seen wearing glasses. Whether you are already suffering from an eye disease or your eyesight is completely healthy, you must take proactive measures to prevent the development or aggravation of eye-related issues because of excessive screen exposure. Seasoned eye doctor Bakersfield shares extremely useful insights on the relationship between eye disorders and digital device overuse.

Blue light is a lesser-known culprit behind vision challenges

Your computers and smartphones emit a short wavelength of light called blue light. Ophthalmologist Bakersfield warns that extended blue light exposure can contribute to the development of many eye ailments ranging from mild to severe. Particularly nowadays, an increasing number of IT professionals, gamers, students, social media addicts, etc. report symptoms like

  • Blurry vision
  • Dryness, foreign body sensation, irritation, redness, or fatigue in the eyes
  • Pain in the neck or shoulders
  • Eye discomfort or strain

Recent studies have shown that besides these mild to moderate vision concerns, too much gadget usage may put you at risk of serious illnesses, including eye cancer, growths on the eye, and retinal diseases such as AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

What you can do to safeguard your eyes

  1. Remember the 20-20-20 rule :  Make sure that you look away at any object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of screen exposure. Note that the more breaks you take in between, the better it will be for your eye wellness.Furthermore, blink consciously at regular intervals, as this will help preserve your eye comfort. Blinking will do more good to your eyes than you can even imagine, remarks eye doctor Bakersfield.
  2. Focus on ensuring a healthy posture while using computing devices: Slumping or slouching can get you into nasty trouble.
    Thus, always watch over your posture while working on your desktop, watching Netflix, or gaming on your laptop.
    Additionally, don’t neglect the importance of proper lighting and an ergonomic workstation.
  3. Never keep your smartphone too close to your eyes:  Strictly abstain from bringing your mobile phone or tablet extremely close to your eyes. On top of that, using any smart devices before going to sleep is a big “no.”
  4. Allow your eyes some time away from the gadgets:  Allot a tech-free day during the week; it can be a Sunday when you just have to spend time with family or friends instead of mindlessly scrolling. This will prove to be incredibly beneficial for your visual acuity as well as your overall well-being.
  5. Make use of blue-light filters and blue-light protective glasses:  Blue light filters are easily available nowadays; you can put them over screens to shield your eyes from high levels of potentially dangerous blue light.Also, consult your trusted ophthalmologist Bakersfield. to get blue-light-blocking eyeglasses as per your prescription.
  6. Hydrate yourself periodically: If your job requires you to sit in front of PCs right from 9 to 5, keep yourself hydrated to prevent eyestrain and dryness.
  7. Move yourself: Staying lethargic is one of the prime reasons why most corporate people are seen experiencing eyesight problems and other health complications. Get up after every half an hour or so, take a breath of fresh air, and then come again refreshed for work. Your eyes and body will thank you.

If your eyes are tired of bearing the burden of your insatiable social media appetite, know that it’s high time you make the change. Consult an ophthalmologist Bakersfield at our state-of-the-art eye facility. We at Acuity Optical believe that technology can be both a curse and a blessing; it all comes down to how you use it. Our team can help you establish an eye-healthy lifestyle through personalized guidance.

Apart from that, we offer optimal support for those already struggling with computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Book your vision test today and give your eyes the care they desperately need in this technologically advanced era.