Everyone remembers, whether parent or child, the times you went to the school supplies store to get all the essential items that year. Whether you were adding stickers to the supplies box or wearing the newest pair of shoes, there’s one thing most people miss: the glasses. Wear the newest styles of frames from the world’s best brands, only at Acuity Optical. We have the best eye doctors Palm Desert, and over 1,500 frames to try on.
Also, don’t forget about the health reasons behind your eyecare visit. It’s always best to get an eye scan or test before you start the school year. Before every school year, you should visit one of Acuity Optical’s eye doctors Palm Desert.

If your child ever experiences any of the following problems, you should consult a doctor immediately:

  • Color blindness
  • Blurry vision
  • Short-sightedness or myopia
  • Lazy eye
  • Mis-alignment of eye
  • Poor depth perception
  • Color blindness

As a parent or guardians, we need to understand that a child needs a sharp vision and if in any case his vision gets affected, they would face problems in their later life too.

Why do school-going children direly need to have a perfect vision?

  1. They have to learn and write, thus without perfect eyesight they might have a few challenges.
  2.  A child has to take part in different competitions, in this case, they also need a sharp vision.
  3. A child should own a sharp vision to hone his skill and enhance acquiring power.
  4. A child should be able to differentiate between colors to identify and understand them.
  5. They need to nourish their sports skills and attentiveness and that is only possible with a sharp vision.
  6. Eye doctors Palm Desert know that for the overall development of a child their eyes are important.

Not only a child, everyone needs to have sharp and perfect vision and eye check is essential for every age group.

To book an appointment what do you need to do?

  • Know the actual problem of your child
  • Schedule a time for a visit
  • Call, Palm Desert eye care and ask for the available timing
  • Check your ward’s school timing and orientation date, and schedule the visit before that.
  •  Always check that the doctor must be a veteran.
  •  Do not forget to ask for the next visit, if necessary.


In the contemporary era of technological upliftment, we can see most of the things are online, like classes, assignments and all, just pay attention to the screen time of your child. Try to reduce it as much as possible, because it does not only affect the eyes but makes the child completely lazy.

For any eye-related problem, call eye doctors Palm Desert at Acuity Optical now.