Many people suffer from glaucoma, without knowing. It’s because there are usually no warning symptoms. At least not in the early stage. Mostly, patients of open-angle glaucoma may have no symptoms for years but are at high risk of losing vision permanently. Therefore, everyone should know glaucoma can result in blindness. You can prevent such a situation by visiting the best ophthalmologist Indio for regular checkups.

Acuity Optical is the right place to undergo a comprehensive range of eye examinations that can help in the diagnosis of glaucoma at an early stage. Not just this, it will also be helpful in curing several other eye ailments, and having a look at the best Ray Bans Indio collection. Using the right eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses helps to protect your eyes against many kinds of eye problems that get aggravated with direct exposure to sunlight, wind, dust, and allergens.

As we are observing glaucoma awareness month, it’s necessary for everyone to understand that the damage caused due to glaucoma is irreversible. Therefore, early detection is helpful in preventing blindness.

Types of Glaucoma

Now, let’s discuss the types of glaucoma:

1. Open-angle glaucoma:
In this condition, eye pressure increases slowly and pushes the optical nerve, which may damage the optic nerve and create blind spots in the vision.

2. Closed-angle glaucoma
It occurs when the fluid is blocked suddenly and fails to flow out of the eye. It raises eye pressure rapidly. In such a situation it will be risky to use dilating eye drops because it will trigger an acute attack of glaucoma, and may lead to blindness. An experienced ophthalmologist Indio will not put you at risk by applying dilating eye drops without analyzing the situation carefully.

3. Secondary glaucoma
When the reason is known, it is termed secondary glaucoma. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Usage of medicines or steroids like corticosteroids
  • Eye injury or diseases like diabetes or uveitis

4. Congenital glaucoma
It is something that is passed from one generation to the next one at the time of birth. It means that the eyes are not developed normally.

Signs & Symptoms:

Sometimes it is hard to understand the signs of glaucoma because of some injury or infection. You can wear protective sunglasses to keep your eyes protected, and you may get them easily at the famous Ray Bans Indio store. You may or may not experience some of these common symptoms:

  • Eye pain or headache.
  • High pressure
  • Low or blurred vision
  • Blind spots
  • Narrowed vision
  • Rainbow-colored halos around lights.
  •  Feeling of nausea
  • Red eyes

Prevention: Although it is seldom possible, you may try these tips:

  • Consult the best ophthalmologist Indio before you lose vision. I will help to detect the disease at an early stage and cure it properly on time.
  • Avoid prolonged usage of steroids, as they can elevate your eye pressure and worsen the condition of glaucoma patients.
  • Protect your eyes from the hot sun. You can do it by choosing the best quality sunglasses at Ray Bans Indio
  • Eat a balanced diet because your eyes need proper nourishment.
  • Sleep well to provide rest to the eyes.
  • Don’t use your phone or watch TV for long hours without blinking your eyes.
  • Protect your eyes from injuries, infections, heat, and glare.
  • Avoid head down position.
  • Don’t use any medication without consulting your doctor.

Wrapping Up:

Want to consult the highly reputed Ophthalmologist Indio? You can do it by visiting Acuity optical. It is also the right place to look for the collection of Ray Bans Indio sunglasses that are not only stylish in looks but are of high quality too. Do not put your eyes at risk, get yourself examined now!