A few years ago, people seldom used to visit an eye clinic for regular eye checkups because of a lack of awareness. The only thing that bothered them or compelled them to see an eye doctor was blurred vision, which is commonly associated with cataracts. They used to wait until the condition got out of control and were then referred to an eye surgeon in haste. Thus, it was the end of the story for them. They failed to understand that there can be many more eye conditions that may lead to permanent loss of vision.

Now, things have changed. Acuity Optical’s Escondido eyecare hospital is flooded with people who come for routine eye examinations, as they don’t want to suffer due to some hidden eye problems later. Thus, the role of an experienced optometrist in Escondido has become more significant in taking preventive measures for vision loss. They also help in correcting refractive errors and retinal problems.

How do optometrists help in dealing with cataracts?

Cataracts usually develop with aging and are commonly seen in people above 60 years of age. A skilled optometrist monitors its progression and referees the patient to an ophthalmologist for advanced care. An ophthalmologist performs eye surgery for the replacement of the eye’s natural lenses that have turned cloudy with an artificial lens. Everything is done smoothly at the famous Escondido eye care hospital managed by the top eye specialists in the region. An optometrist will co-manage the pre- and post-surgical treatments and help in recovering from an inconvenient condition in a better way.

How can the best optometrist in Escondido help make the right choice between treatment options?

Cataracts are an eye condition in which the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy due to the breakdown of proteins in the lens, and this results in blurred vision. The only solution is to stay regularly in touch with the eye doctors and discuss treatment options. The top optometrist in Escondido can assist in slowing down the progression of the condition. It is better to open up about personal health conditions and family health history as it will help to make cataracts management and deal with several more eye problems correctly.

When the patients visit Acuity Optical’s Escondido eye care hospital, they are made aware of the different surgical options. It includes the discussion regarding astigmatism correction if required. They are also informed about IOL technologies that improve the quality of vision. They are also told about the necessary precautions to be taken after cataract surgery and an IOL implant.

The next phase includes surgical treatment, which is led by post-surgical care. However, the process of regular eye examinations must continue even if everything is fine. It helps to diagnose and cure various other types of eye ailments on time. All eye tests are done using advanced tools and machinery.

Vision care is a must, and it can be done efficiently and effectively with the help of the best Escondido eye care hospital, Acuity Optical. It’s silly to wait for the occurrence of signs and symptoms of some eye problems such as cataracts before consulting an experienced optometrist in Escondido. Rather, regular eye examination helps in the early diagnosis of eye problems and getting an accurate solution, without making delay. Schedule your appointment today!