Everyone should follow a regime of a comprehensive eye examination on a routine basis, as it helps to measure how well the eyesight is, and detects some hidden problems that might lead to blindness if ignored. There are few eye tests done by optometrists and ophthalmologists at the famous eye exam Bakersfield center and then suitable treatment is provided, depending on the type and severity of the eye ailment or disorder. How often the patient should visit Bakersfield eyecare center for consultation and treatment depends on various factors, including the risk of permanent vision loss.

What Is The Need & Importance of Eye Exams?

During the eye checkup, the doctor makes an in-depth assessment related to the following aspects:

  • Visual Acuity (clarity of vision).
  • Movement of eye muscles.
  • Visual field (how widespread is the vision of both your eyes when your eye is not moving).
  • Refractive errors (how light waves are refracted through the cornea and lens).
  • Color vision
  • Condition of the retina
  • Risk of glaucoma
  • Structural defects of eyes
  • How your eyes function together
  • A dilation test helps to view the internal structure of the eyes
  • The overall health of the eyes and evaluation of any infection is done

When you visit the eye exam Bakersfield center, the doctors will diagnose the eye health problems through tests and provide immediate relief. The eyes are the only body parts in which the doctors can view the blood vessels, connecting tissues, and nerves in an uninterrupted manner. Thus, it becomes easier for the doctors at Bakersfield eyecare center to decipher the exact reason behind a problem and provide accurate treatment to the sufferer.

Who Should Undergo Eye Examinations and How Often?

In general, an individual should visit an eye clinic once annually. However, it is a subjective matter and depends on different factors, including age, general health, heredity, and some unprecedented risks. However, the general guidelines for common people are as follows:

  • Children up to 3 years old or under:
    Although tiny toddlers seldom need an eye doctor, in some cases the pediatrician will suggest the parents consult an eye doctor for ruling out the possibility of strabismus (a condition in which both eyes are not aligned) and amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • Children between 3 to 5 years of age:
    This is the age when a kid is ready to go to school, and it will be better to take them to the eye exam at Bakersfield Center to ensure that everything is fine with their eyes.
  • Above 5 and adolescents:
    School-going children having eye issues often complain about headaches, strain, or alike problems. Don’t just wait for symptoms to arise. Sometimes, asymptomatic problems are bigger than we think. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the Bakersfield eyecare clinic at least once a year.
  • Adults Up to 40:
    They need to undergo eye examinations annually if there is no specific problem.
  • Above 40:
    This is the age at which everyone should pay a special focus on eye health. You must visit the eye doctor more frequently, or as recommended by the doctor.

After reading the entire piece of information, you might be thinking about finding the right eye exam at Bakersfield Center. Well, Acuity Optical is a renowned Bakersfield eyecare clinic and it helps the common people to get cured of common and uncommon eye problems with due care. Do visit the best eye doctors to ensure the good health of your eyes.