Optometrist in Bakersfield suggests tips for choosing the best sunglasses for children

As a parent, you may wonder whether wearing sunglasses for children is worthwhile. Then, the answer to this is a big “Yes”, says an experienced optometrist in Bakersfield. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors is just as important for the eye’s as wearing sunscreen is crucial for the skin. However, when selecting a pair for your little one, you must be extra careful since their eyes are much more delicate and sensitive. Herein, let’s delve into further details on why wearing sunglasses is essential for your little ones and how to choose the ideal sunshades for maximum eye protection.

The vital role of sunglasses in safeguarding children’s eye health

Compared to adults, the amount of time adolescents spend outdoors is significantly higher. Whether it’s playing during the daytime or traveling from school to home and vice versa, children’s eyes are prone to receiving almost a quarter of their lifetime UV exposure in their pivotal growing years. A proficient optometrist in Bakersfield remarks that a child’s eye lens is not developed enough to be able to filter all the hazardous UV light and blue light that enters from the sun into the eyes. Thus, elevating the risk of developing many eye diseases, for instance, cataracts and macular degeneration later in life. The worst thing is that young eyes are even more susceptible to eye conditions like Pterygium (growth on the eyes), Photokeratitis (Sun-burned eyes), etc. Thus, ensuring your kid’s eyes are protected from UV exposure at all times should be your utmost priority as a parent.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Sunglasses for Your Child from Top-tier sunglasses Bakersfield Store

  • Always select sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB Ray blocking capabilities. No compromise should be made on the level of UV protection or quality of sunglasses as nothing can be more precious than your child’s healthy eyesight.
  • Go for shades preferably consisting of highly durable plastic frames and polycarbonate lenses. These types of lenses and frames are best as your kiddos are likely going to handle them carelessly.
  • Kids’ immature eyes are particularly vulnerable and tender, thus it’s highly advisable to get a professional consultation from a skilled optometrist in Bakersfield. This will help make an informed decision for your child’s long-term eye health.
  • The fitting of the frames should be appropriate which means they should be not too tight or too loose. Pick a pair that’s comfortable to wear. Flexible frames are a great option.
  • Buy the one that wins your child’s heart. Most toddlers and teens are usually not much habituated to donning sunnies. That is why the trick is here to give your child the freedom to opt for a designer pair as per his or her liking. Investing in UV-protective eyewear of your kids’ favorite color, design, shape, or style will encourage them to wear them daily on their own without feeling compelled to do so.

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