Have you ever wondered how rain affects your eyes?

During rainy weather, your eyes become more susceptible to infections and other issues. If you ignore the recommendations below from an optometrist Indio, you may risk the chances of irreversible disease. Here are your eight tips to protect your eyes during stormy weather:

1. Wear Sunglasses:

Choose from one of over 1,500 pairs of sunglasses at Acuity Optical to cover your eyes during a rainy, dusty day.

2. Make Sure Your Lenses Are Clean:

An Acuity Optical eye doctor Indio will help you pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses. Certain types of sunglasses won’t fog up due to humidity, so you won’t have to clean them as often. If you do need to clean them, make sure to use a clean and dry cloth.

3. Maintain A Healthy Diet:

Our eye doctors Indio can suggest a diet to help maintain your eye health, which helps avoid infections or other diseases.

4. Remove Eye Make-Up:

Should you use make-up, removing it is also essential. Using a waterproof mascara or anything else around your eyes will help ensure the safety of your eyesight.

5. Red eye and other viral eye infections:

Conjunctivitis or red eye is contagious. If you have this in your eye, you should avoid touching your eyes too much. You ought to wash your eyes again and again. If the problem does not shoo away, visit the Optometrist Indio.

6. Lubricate the eyes:

One must put lubricating eye drops in the eyes to save them from any harm. This will protect your eyes from any extreme weather conditions, including the rainy season. Remember to ask about the finest eye drops for you when you visit Optometrist Indio.

7. Do not touch your eyes again and again:

If your eyes are infected, touching them can spread the infection. Thus, make sure not to touch your eyes, even if they are not infected.

8. Do not share towels or handkerchiefs:

Sharing towels or any other such cloth, which you or somebody uses for eyes, should not be used by another person. It can be perilous not to keep everything clean and tidy.

A visit to the eye doctors at Acuity Optical will be great if you are not certain about the things how to protect your eye during rain Book an appointment now to know more.