Are you jeopardizing your eye health with your daily eye makeup routine? If you think that an eye makeup mistake can only lead to looking unattractive, that’s not the whole truth. According to seasoned Escondido eye care experts, simple eye makeup mistakes can cause various eye problems ranging from mild to severe. Thus, if you don’t want to damage your eyes in the short-term as well as the long-term, you should be aware of the top makeup errors to avoid and keep your eyes happy and healthy always.

1. Sharing Cosmetics

Renowned west coast eye care Escondido specialists are strictly against sharing eye makeup of any kind among friends, especially mascara. The reason is that you don’t know what kind of bacteria or viruses may get transferred from your friend’s eyes to your own. Sharing makeup is like giving an open invitation to all sorts of eye infections. Desiring to have charming eyes may lead you to end up with red, swollen eyes, which you wouldn’t want to happen in any case. Make sure you always use your own eye makeup products to avoid the danger of eye infections.

2. Leaving Makeup Unremoved

Do you know that leftover makeup can have several detrimental effects on your eye health? Most people don’t care to remove their makeup after a tiring night out, and even those who do may not know how to remove the makeup properly and safely. If you too have a habit of not taking off your makeup before sleeping, you should be alarmed as this might cause you to suffer from a condition called Meibomian gland dysfunction. When these oil-producing glands get blocked, you are likely to experience symptoms of dry eyes or styes. Escondido eye care professionals suggest keeping moistened cleansing wipes conveniently placed by your bedside to swiftly remove the makeup.

3. Not Wearing Quality Makeup

It is very easy to get attracted to those heavy discount offers and whatnot. However, when it comes to buying cosmetic products for your eyes, you must not compromise on quality for the sake of a cheap price. You must never forget to check the expiry date before purchasing any makeup. The west coast eye care Escondido doctors recommend replacing your old makeup at least after four or six months to avoid eye infections. Additionally, if you have recently experienced an eye infection, it is crucial to avoid using your old eye makeup products. Doing so could be extremely harmful to your eyes and may lead to recontamination.

4. Applying Makeup While on the Move

Have you ever forgotten your eye makeup and applied your mascara in a moving vehicle like a car? Well, applying makeup while on the move can be extremely risky, suggests the knowledgeable west coast eye care Escondido team. The wand of the mascara can accidentally brush against your eye, causing irritation or even injury. In the worst cases, you can get a serious eye infection too. Therefore, it’s essential to apply makeup carefully and slowly in a distraction-free and stable environment. Of course, by no means, do you want to risk your safety just for the sake of a stylish look.

If any eye cosmetic accidentally gets inside your eyes, you must consult our Escondido eye care specialists without any further delay. Acuity Optical’s ophthalmologists can ensure immediate relief from the symptoms you might be experiencing, such as blurred vision, pain, redness in the eyes, or eye discharge. Timely treatment can help avoid further complications. You must strictly avoid following any home remedies without the guidance of a professional. Talk to our staff if you need personalized assistance regarding your eye makeup and your vision health. Our team can provide you with beneficial tips to keep your eyes safe from all kinds of dangers. Visit us today.