Have you experienced redness and burning in your eyes after swimming? Most people think that it happens due to excessive chlorine, but that’s just a part of the story. There can be more allergens or pollutants that can affect your eye health, without alarming you. In any such case when your eyes become abnormally red and swollen, or you are suffering from intolerable irritation or burning sensation, then it’s important visit a prestigious Palm Desert Eye Care Center to ensure your eye health. Medical intervention will help to prevent further complications.

What’s The Opinion of The Famous Eye Doctors Palm Desert?

It’s just normal to feel slight discomfort after swimming, due to redness and itchiness in the eyes. However, some people are more sensitive as compared to others, and they react differently. We cannot deny the fact that some people jump into the swimming pool with sweaty bodies and you never know if anyone has urinated inside the pool while swimming. The compounded action of sweat, urine, and chlorine can be the biggest cause of eye issues, apart from skin infection and infection of the respiratory system.

Recommendations by Palm Desert Eye Care Center for the protection of eyes

The team of Eye Doctors Palm Desert at Acuity Optical, a reputed eye clinic, favors swimming as an exercise, but they also suggest you take sufficient safety measures to keep your eyes in good health. Swimming improves heart health, refreshed the mind, strengthens general immunity, and helps in fitness. Thus, one must not stop swimming, unless it becomes too risky. Swimmers can try some simple tips for the protection of the eyes.

Here are the top tips:

  • Wear watertight eyewear to avoid direct contact with contaminants. It won’t let the eyes get affected by chlorine that causes dryness of eyes.
  • Never wear contact lenses while swimming. It’s because the gap between the contact lens and the eye surface can host bacteria and viruses. If you have vision problems, then you can use prescription goggles instead of contact lenses.
  • Patients with dry eyes can use gel tears that help to protect the tear film. You may inquire about the best eye drops from the best Palm Desert Eye Care Center.
  • Use eye lubricants after and before swimming.
  • Eye Doctors Palm Desert always recommends that swimmers should splash fresh water in their eyes after swimming for at least 15 minutes.
  • Eyes should be kept hydrated.

Wrapping Up:

Swimming has numerous health benefits and a few side effects. It causes redness and itchiness, and sometimes the eyes get swollen due to harsh chemicals or pollutants present in the pool water. Acuity Optical, the highly popular Palm Desert Eye Care Center, has a team of experienced Eye Doctors Palm Desert that will help you to deal with the situation intelligently. Contact the eye specialist now!