The holiday season brings with it loads of joy and for the booze lovers, so many reasons to say “cheers” to that extra glass. Albeit, if you drink too excessively, this can negatively affect your eye health in several ways. That is why the optometrists Palm Desert professionals recommend taking the pledge to go alcohol-free at least in the first month of the year aka January. This will help your eyes get the much-needed restorative healing after the indulgence-rich holidays. So, let us now go through in detail the benefits of embracing the Dry January challenge in the upcoming new year.

  • Immediate positive changes:

First and foremost, the visible instant improvement you will experience will be in the appearance of your eyes, remarks ophthalmologist Palm Desert expert.

Within a day or two of alcohol abstinence, the swelling or the redness in the eyes will disappear improving both your eye comfort and look. Moreover, the blood glucose levels in your body will return to normal, thus warding off the risk of vision complications like retinopathy (resulting from increased sugar levels from alcohol intake).

  • Further optical health improvements:

According to a renowned optometrists Palm Desert specialist, the festive drinking spree is one of the critical causes of dehydration, aggravating winter dry eye symptoms in patients. People who drink frequently often report issues such as itching, light sensitivity eye fatigue as well as increased tearing. Especially, during the cold season, the eyes are generally drier, and on top of that binge drinking can add to your problems.

However, just after a few days of sticking to the Dry January resolution, your body will completely recover from this dehydration. You will also notice significant relief from all dry eye issues caused by poor tear production.

  • The next perk-Regulation of blood pressure:

Heavy drinking can lead to elevation of blood pressure, warns certified optometrists Palm Desert team.
This can put you at a heightened risk of hypertension-related vision ailments including hypertensive retinopathy, macular enema, optic neuropathy, vein occlusion, etc.

When you give up alcohol, in a fortnight, your blood pressure levels will get normalized, allowing your eyes to heal from any temporary damages that might have occurred.

  • What to expect at the end of the month:

Your liver will thank you for the successful completion of the challenge. Not only will your eyes look more radiant but also crystal clear. Those who overdrink usually have dull, yellowish eyes. A yellow sclera is a by-product of compromised liver function due to unrestrained drinking.

Avoidance of alcohol for a month will enhance your liver health, the result of this? You will have healthier, whiter eyes.

In addition to this, there will be better blood circulation in all the parts of the eyes, safeguarding you from numerous eye diseases, notably, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Remember that though saying “No” to alcohol in January is a great way of managing your ocular health, you should stay away from it throughout the year to enjoy enduring advantages.

Whether you are planning to ditch alcohol for just one month or forever, it’s best to consult Acuity Optical’s well-trained ophthalmologist Palm Desert practitioners to make sure you reap maximum benefits from your resolve.

Our team will teach you the most proven ways to foster quicker rejuvenation of the eyes from the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. Also, with an in-depth vision assessment, they will ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment in case you have developed any eye condition. Learn the finest practices for eye wellness from us, paving the way for optimal eyesight and overall well-being. Walk in today or give us a call at 760.615.0390 for any queries.