Summer reminds us of longer days and unbounded sun rays. The best thing about a hot summer day is you have ample time to complete your day`s chores. Summers become more enchanting when you have all the fun of summer by sitting in the pool or visiting an ice cream parlor to enjoy your favorite flavor. But one irrefutable fact it that your eyes get exposed to UV rays during summer. As global warming is affecting every part of the globe, adopting tips from a Palm Desert eye care company have become essential.

If you don’t protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, then you could potentially have the following problems in your eyes:

  • One can have “snow blindness” or keratitis
  • Skin cancer in the surrounding areas of the eyes
  • Conjunctival cancer hampers your vision
  • Tanning around the skin of the eyes
  • Cataracts or any such problematic vision
  • Macular degeneration might affect your retina

Let`s check out five tips by eye doctor Palm Desert CA to safeguard your eyes from overexposure to UV rays that can harm your eyes.

1. Never Stare Directly Into The Sun

Whenever children, elders, or young people leave home during the day, they should have a pair of sunglasses handy. The most evident fact is that choosing the right sunglasses is a daunting task because every sunglass may claim to defend your eyes from sun rays but sometimes, they cannot safeguard you from the UV rays. The price might not affect the quality; even the cheaper one can prove a great defender. Also, choose sunglasses that cover your eyes completely.

2. Stay Cool

If you have a lot of water, it will not only quench your thirst but also provide enough water required for your eyes. The skin around the eyes as well as the vision of the eyes will remain intact. If you consume at least two liters of water daily, this action will keep your body`s water level complete.

3. Palm Desert Eye Care Suggests You Avoid Extended Sun Exposure

There are times during the day when UV rays can attack so much as the glare of the sun is too much. If you intend to go out, then choosing the daytime would be a bad idea. You must try to avoid the heat of the sun as much as possible. If not possible wear a hat and goggles to save your eyes from getting affected.

4. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

By visiting an Acuity Optical eye doctor and taking advantage of our vast inventory and affordable pricing, you’ll be able to afford multiple pairs of sunglasses. A cloudy day can quickly turn sunny, so you’ll never be caught off guard. When there is a cloudy day, then you might get exposed to the sun if it suddenly appears in the sky. So, keeping a goggle handy will be bliss. Do not forget to keep extra pair of sunglasses too.

5. Use Sunscreen But Use It Prudently

Sometimes ignorance can be perilous and while using sunscreen around the eyes, one should be careful as it can enter your eyes. As everyone knows, once sunscreen gets in your eyes it immediately burns and blurs your vision. If this happens, you should visit a Palm Desert eye care center immediately. Acuity Optical’s highly trained optometrists will have you back to normal in no time.

If you are looking to get your eyes examined or need a new pair of sunglasses for yourself, come to Acuity Optical, your trusted eye doctor Palm Desert CA.