Your 40th birthday comes with various warning signs related to your eye health. As you age, your vision becomes weaker. Doctors, including our eye doctors Indio advise to take care of your vision at all ages to prevent certain disease or long-term issues. As your body starts to age, your eyes age with it. You should things like staring at screens for long periods of time, driving for long hours at a time, and trying to read words that are in smaller fonts.

If any of these issues are common to you now, you should consult an eye doctor at Acuity Optical Indio immediately.

1. Lubricate your eyes or consult a doctor at Acuity Optical Indio:

AMD is an age-related macular degeneration that causes dry or wet vision. Dry eye is a problem that affects both sexes but in women, hormonal changes may increase the issue thus casting bigger issues ahead. Progesterone and estrogen both begin to decline thus causing varied eye problems. These days, most commonly males and females both work in front of mobile and computer screens. This vision problem arises due to continuously watching a computer screen, without blinking much. If this problem persists even after wearing anti-clear glasses, contact eye doctors Indio. They would suggest you some lubricants to put in your eyes and thus the problem can be solved.

2. Understand the reason for your troubled reading vision:

Over time, ageing causes reading-related issues. Do you have problems reading as your get older? The most common solution to this issue is to get your eyes examined to see whether you need glasses or contacts. You should consult and get your prescription from Acuity Optical eye doctors Indio.

3. Improve your night-time vision:

Ageing affects the photoreceptors of the eyes, degrading your ability to see in the dark whether driving or even going for a walk. One of the ways to help with this is wearing the proper eyewear. Another way to maintain sharper night-time vision is to improve your diet, getting exercise, or simply visiting Acuity Optical eye doctors Indio for a consultation.

4. Take timely action against macular degeneration:

The macula is behind the retina and various light-comprehensive cells assist you in having clear vision. The macula is made up of millions of light-sensing cells that work to provide you with sharp, focal vision. Macular starts leaking, and the vision gets blurry. It’s important to maintain healthy eating habits to prevent this.

5. Treat Glaucoma:

Glaucoma can affect the side vision, create eye pain or redness, narrow your vision, and even cause vision loss. Early diagnosis of this problem can lessen the damage. If you find these critical vision-related issues, then you should consult a doctor at Acuity Optical Indio immediately. Delay can lead to a need for surgical procedure, which can again raise issues as you get older.

If you are facing any of these issues, book an appointment with Acuity Optical – one of the best eye doctors Indio.