Our eyes and vision are a beautiful gift. But once you lose your eyesight, there’s no remedy to bring it back. We all know the saying, “true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” but if you don’t implement these tips from the best eye doctor Indio you may lose your perceived beauty of your surroundings, then the world becomes gravely dark.

Here are the top 6 eye care tips provided by Optometrist in Indio CA

1. Avoid Eating Junk Food

These days Junk food has replaced a healthy balanced diet and is affecting the quality of vision. When you go to sleep with toxins from food items such as candy, burgers, and other snacks, you will typically wake up drowsy or just extremely tired. While your stomach sometimes craves the satisfaction of junk food, you should utilize your mind to resist the urge and enhance your vision.

2. Have A Balanced Diet

Most adults forget to eat their veggies daily, like we were taught as kids. Even kids today dislike their veggies with the readily available access to junk foods. Foods like citrus fruit, seeds, nuts, meat, fish, carrots, and leafy greens should become a part of your daily diet. If you have questions about your diet, you should consult one of an optometrist in Indio CA.

3. Spend Time In The Greenery

Sedentary lifestyles have altered our everyday habits as we find ourselves confined to four walls either at work, or in our newly found work from home careers. When we limit our surroundings, we inadvertently hinder our vision. Similarly, our children find themselves locked to a screen between video games, iPads, and TV, causing more children to be prescribed glasses at younger ages than ever before. When in fact, walking on wet grass with dew drops is a natural eye tonic.

4. Use Sunglasses

When leaving your house during the day, be sure to bring your sunglasses with you. As recommended by the best eye doctor Indio, UV rays will not only harm your eyes, but also expose you to eye problems like Macular degeneration, Cataract, and Pterygium. These can potentially cause irreversible damage to your vision.

5. Avoid Smoking & Smoking Areas

Smoking causes problems, problems, and more problems. Optometrist in Indio CA always recommend avoiding smoke when possible.

6. Decrease Your Screen Time

Screen time is essential for many of our careers and is even more popular with our youth as stated above. The best eye doctor Indio recommends taking breaks from staring into your phone, computer or TV and even taking the occasional nap when possible. Much like your body when you don’t get enough sleep, your eyes get fatigued the same way.

The tips mentioned above are simple remedies everyone can implement into their daily lives to ensure they limit blurry vision or shortsightedness. Visit an Acuity Optical optometrist in Indio CA to ensure you never miss out on life’s precious moments!