The year is coming to an end, and we are sure you are all decked out for the celebrations ahead. However, while you bid farewell to 2023, ask yourself, ” Am I prioritizing eye health as much as the other important matters in my life?” If the answer is “no,” it’s time to take charge of your eye wellness so you can turn your dreams of enjoying a blissful year ahead into a reality. According to credible optical Arcadia experts, you must let go of some bad habits in 2024 to fend off the risk of developing any vision-related ailments.

  • Watching TV, reading, or working under dim light

After an exhaustive day at work, who doesn’t love watching their favorite movie or web series while munching on their beloved treats, wrapped in a cozy blanket on the couch? Or consider this: you have an excessive workload, and you probably think getting some tasks done at night is a great idea. However, beware, this habit of working on the laptop before bedtime or watching television straight for hours before bedtime amidst the dim lighting of your bedroom, will harm your eyes a lot. If you don’t want to compromise your eye comfort, avoid straining your eyes in low-light conditions with TVs or other digital devices.

Anything done under dim light, including the 21st-century coveted trend of “bedtime reading,” can end up leaving you with eye pain, redness, irritation, dryness, etc.

So, to all the night owl workers and book lovers out there, the optometrist in Arcadia highly advises you to be careful. Ensure you use proper lighting. If you are a TV binge-watcher, it’s high time you say goodbye to this habit, and never forget to switch off your screens at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

  • Taking a nap or a shower with the contact lenses on

Remember, contact lenses aren’t meant to be worn all the time. You need to remove them before swimming, taking a shower, applying makeup, and, of course, right before sleeping. Otherwise, the chances of contracting serious eye infections are quite high, states a certified ophthalmologist Arcadia specialist. When you sleep, your eyes get deprived of oxygen, and on top of that, if you rest without taking off your lenses, your eyes will not get even the necessary supply of oxygen. Thus, you will experience bad morning eye fatigue and irritation.

Note that while handling the lenses, make sure your hands are properly sanitized

  • Rubbing the eyes

Nothing feels as soothing as rubbing the eyes whenever they get dry, irritated, or fatigued; we will all agree to this. Be that as it may, eye rubbing is not a good habit at all, suggests a leading optometrist in Arcadia. Those who rub their eyes vigorously or frequently put themselves at risk of infection exposure via hand-to-eye contact. In severe instances, it may also result in corneal scarring or eye conditions like keratoconus.

  • Using non-prescription eye drops immoderately

Are you someone who never hesitates to put in any eye drop every time you struggle with even minor discomfort or redness in the eyes? Then, know that, with this, you are not doing any good for your vision health. Overuse of these over-the-counter eye drops without professional consultation can be more harmful than you can even imagine, remarks top-rated ophthalmologist Arcadia practitioner.

Make eye wellness your foremost priority this new year. Let Acuity Optical Arcadia be your eye-care companion. Our team of knowledgeable eye care experts will make you acquainted with all the dos and don’t s of ocular health. If, due to negligence, you are already suffering from dry eyes, digital eye strain, eye infections, or refractive errors, we will help you tackle these effectively. So, you can embrace year-start bliss without any impediments. Schedule an end-of-year visual screening by giving us a call at (626) 534-6808 or booking your consultation online. We wish you an eye-healthy new year ahead.