Usually, people spend a lot of time choosing the right frame for their eyewear because of the variety of options available in the market. However, the purpose of spectacles is to attain clear and sharp vision, apart from providing protection to the eyes. Although looks are important, the first thing while choosing the most suitable spectacles is about ensuring the correct configuration of eye lenses. Therefore, before you decide to go out to buy spectacles from a famous eyeglasses Escondido store, you must get your eyes examined at a reputable West Coast eye care Escondido center. It will help you to confirm what kind of prescription lenses you need, along with the power of those lenses.

Here are the simple guidelines for choosing the right pair of eyewear:

1. Select the right size of the frame

The size of the frame must not be too big or too small. If the size of the frame is too small, your field of vision will stretch beyond the lenses, which may result in increasing your prescription power. On the other hand, if the frame is too big, it will be hard to carry and might not suit your face.

2. Consider the width of the bridge between two lenses

Think about the thickness of the distance between the two eyes and the thickness of your nose. If the width of the bridge of your spectacles is too narrow, it will hurt your nose, and if it’s too wide, it will fit loose on your face, and your spectacles will continue slipping down. Thus, it is an important aspect to be noticed.

3. The arms of spectacles must fit properly

When you visit the eyeglasses Escondido store of your choice, you must try the frames to ensure that the arms of the eyewear are neither too tight, nor too loose. If the arms are tight, it will be inconvenient and may cause headaches and pain, while loose arms will result in slipping off the frame continuously.

4. Choice of lenses

The eye specialists at West Coast eye care Escondido Center can suggest the best types of lenses you should choose. There are a variety of options available in the market, and they have different pricing structures. Therefore, it is always better to seek advice from your eye doctor to stay on the safer side.

5. Alignment of lenses

The center alignment of eyeglasses is the most important aspect to be considered. It helps in having clarity of vision, without causing strain on your eyes. Most lenses are convex on the outer side and concave on the inner surface, it is always recommended to view through the center portion of the lenses. The choice of frame plays a crucial role in ensuring that your lenses are center aligned.

6. Choose between progressive or bifocal lenses

For those individuals who are suffering from both farsightedness and short-sightedness, the doctors will recommend two types of lenses that can be fixed in a single frame. In a bifocal spectacle, a semi-circular portion of the lens with different power is fixed at the button part of the eyeglasses that help to see the nearer objects with clarity. However, it is a bit difficult to get adjusted with bifocal lenses, as the demarcation between the two types of lenses confuses the wearer. On the other hand, progressive lenses have no such demarcation, but they play the same role as bifocal lenses do. They are a better option as it does not confuse the wearer.

Interested in buying a pair of spectacles? The first thing you need to do is to visit the best West Coast eye care Escondido center to undergo a comprehensive eye examination. Once your doctor prescribes the kind of lenses you should wear, your next step should be to visit a reputed eyeglasses Escondido store to get customized eyewear. Well, you don’t need to visit two separate places, as Acuity Optical provides both solutions under a single roof. Here, you can consult experienced eye doctors, get your eyes examined, and then buy the best-suited eyewear, and that too at discounted rates. Visit today!