Acuity Optical’s Collection of Ray Bans Indio Help To Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

For most people, sunglasses are meant for summer, which isn’t true. Even if winter has colder months, the sun still glazes in the sky and showers its UV rays. Thus, it would be just right to say that you need to buy the best sunglasses Indio all year around. You can find a collection of stylish and protective eye-wear of your choice at Acuity Optical’s Ray Bans Indio store. Here, you will also be able to claim heavy discounts on pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Some people think that the price of sunglasses should decrease with the fall of temperature during winter. They must understand that a pair of sunglasses is not an air-conditioned or a refrigerator that will not be needed during winter. The shades are protective eyewear that shields the eyes from the sun’s glare, UV rays, wind, pollutants, and allergens, which remain there throughout the year. While UVB rays are less intense but UVA rays do not fluctuate during winter, and they can pass through the cornea, eye lens, and retina. Therefore, you cannot ignore wearing sunglasses Indio even in the colder season.

How Do Your Eyes Get Affected by UVA Rays?

Let us understand how risky is UVA for some eye conditions:

  • Photokeratitis (Snow Blindness): It’s caused due to overexposure of UV rays that leads to pain and temporary loss of vision. Snow reflects 80% of UV rays, which enhances the risk of sunburn of cornea or photokeratitis. Why should anyone not visit the best Ray Bans Indio store to get protective sunglasses in such conditions?
  • Dry eyes: Eyes can become dry in cold weather with harsh wind. Lack of lubrication increases tenderness and may lead to redness of the eyes.
  • Excessive tearing: Sometimes, people suffer from watery eyes during winter due to harsh cold air that hits the eyes directly.

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses Throughout the Year?

Eyes are precious, and you need to protect them during hot summers, chilly winters, moderate springs, rainy seasons, and in diverse weather conditions. If the sun remains there in the sky, it keeps on poring UV rays, and our eyes need proper protection against those harmful rays. Furthermore, you will need sunglasses Indio to perform normal tasks such as:

  • Driving:
    Eyes are exposed to the sun, wind, dust, and pollutants while driving, regardless of the season. At Ray Bans Indio store, you can get polarized sunglasses that help to minimize the sun’s glare, apart from providing protection against the wind and dust.
  • Sports:
    Most the sportsperson have to spend hours in the field for practice, and they need to wear sunglasses for eye safety.
  • Swimming:
    Even swimmers need protective shades because they too are exposed to UV rays.
  • Going outdoor:
    If you are spending time under the open sky, you need to be careful about your eye health and keep them protected from UV rays and the other determinants of eye problems.

Wrapping Up : Acuity Optical’s Ray Bans Indio store can help choose the best-in-class sunglasses Indio. Don’t hesitate to shop there all year round.